Episode 28 Seqera and Nextflow in public health

Rob Lalonde interviews Kelsey Florek about using Nextflow, nf-core pipelines and Seqera platform for genomic surveillance in public health labs.

  • Interview
  • 8 January 2024

In this episode, Rob Lalonde of Seqera interviews Kelsey Florek, Senior Genomics and Data Scientist at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene.

Rob and Kelsey discuss how genomic surveillance has changed since the COVID pandemic, and how Seqera Platform and Nextflow pipelines have substantially lowered the barrier to entry for bioinformaticians running workflows in public health labs and in the field.

The viralrecon pipeline Kelsey mentions in the interview can be found at https://nf-co.re/viralrecon.

Episode coming soon..

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