Episode 24 Nextflow runtime updates: Requesting resources

Today in the Channels podcast, we're talking about computing resources.

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  • 9 October 2023

Today in the Channels podcast, we’re talking about computing resources… Ben Sherman takes us through new and upcoming runtime improvements in the Nextflow, leading to better performance fine tuning and simpler syntax for pipelines.

We cover:

  • Fractional CPU requests (PR #2516)
  • resourceLimits directive (to replace check_max) (PR #2911)
  • Virtual threads in Groovy (PR #3871)
  • WebAssembly runtime (a lightweight alternative to containers)

We mentioned a new blog post at the end, entitled “Automating pipeline execution with Nextflow and Tower”.

You can find the recent nf-core / Nextflow training events at https://nf-co.re/events/training

Registration is closed for the Nextflow Summits 2023! But you can still stream the talks online: https://summit.nextflow.io/

Episode coming soon..

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